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We are Green Champions!

With rising energy costs and the climate emergency, there is increasing pressure on businesses to manage their environmental performance. Keep reading about what Munro Electrical Services Ltd is doing!

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NIC EIC Approved Contractor

We got a call last week that our membership to NIC EIC has finally been approved! It’s been a long pandemic year, but we were finally able to have our assessment March 23, 2021 and now we are official!

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Types of Light Bulbs

Are you confused by the various types of lightbulbs? Some just look fancier than others, but some are designed for energy-efficiency. Let’s break down the different types!

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Are you a Landlord?

Although the change in minimum efficiency regulations have been extended because of COVID, it is important that Landlords fully understand the scope of what is required to ensure compliance.

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Check your expiry dates!

Did you know that smoke alarms and heat detectors have an expiration date? Be sure to check yours!

Also, once a month, test the alarms to make sure they’re working!

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless!

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