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Do you repair appliances?

One of the questions we’re asked the most is, “Do you repair appliances?” Well, the short answer is “no”.

If you have an appliance not working, it is best to call an appliance repair company as they will have (or can order) the specific replacement parts you need.

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Future Planning!

Owning a small business has so many challenges, but it helps to plan and prepare for the future, e̴v̴e̴n̴ especially when times are uncertain.

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Deadline for Compliance May Be Extended

We expect this to be approved and delayed until February 2022. The original legislation was passed in 2019, so regardless of the change in compliance deadline, this will eventually need to be done in every home across Scotland.

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We’re now AICO Expert Installers!

It’s important to take opportunities to learn new things and refresh skills. I’m thankful to Aico for keeping electricians up to date with the newest technology in smoke and fire alarms, especially now with upcoming Scottish Legislation changes. #expertinstaller

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Check Your Chargers!

Check your Chargers! According to, counterfeit chargers can drain your battery, overheat your phone, and can even cause electrocutions.

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